martes, 23 de octubre de 2007


I have found something very interesting for you to practise grammar and vocabulary and also very useful to revise for your exams. This activity was in Isabel Perez's site. She is an English teacher in Granada that has spent many years investigating how to take advantage of the use of new technologies in class.
It is a very original exercise (it's like a game) in which you have to go from one place to another by underground (you are going to work with the real London Underground's map). In every stop you have to do an activity before you move to the next one and finally arrive to your destination. Try to complete all routes!!!!! It's very funny!!!

Click London Underground's Activity

jueves, 18 de octubre de 2007


As our first unit of the book is about music and one of your partners (Victor 3ºB) recommended me a very interesting video, I've decided to include it here so that you can watch it too and tell me your opinion about it.

-Do you think this can be considered music?
-Do you know why it is called 'beat box'?
-Do you like it? Do you consider it interesting?
-Do you really think a person is able to do it? Is it real?
-Do you think it is difficult to do or not?

I'll wait for your answers!!!!
Thank you for your collaboration and interest, Victor.

lunes, 15 de octubre de 2007


Hello again my dear students!!!

I've just created this entry to present you a new chapter of 'gomaespuminglish'. I would like you to watch it and tell me your opinion about these videos (remember I included another chapter in one of the first entries of my blog - you will find it if you go to the end of the page and click 'entradas antiguas'-): do you consider them interesting? do you think they are funny? do you understand them or do you think they are a bit difficult? would you like to watch more chapters?

viernes, 12 de octubre de 2007


Welcome back my dear students!!!!

Here we are again after a long, long holiday to work and learn all together and why not? to have fun as well.

As most of my students this year didn't know about the existence of my blog (and also Chari's and Rosario's), I would like to explain them that these blogs have been created for them to practice and improve their English in an original and funny way.

You can use the blog as a way to communicate with other students and the teachers. To do that, you just need to write comments about the activities proposed.

Here you also have access to different activities related to vocabulary, grammar, pronunciation, etc so that you can practise and revise contents for your exams.

Participation is obviously optional but I will take into account those students that show interest in improving their English and also their marks.

In this first entry I would like you to tell me something about your holidays: where have you been, what have you done, if you travelled anywhere, etc.

Also I would you to tell me your ideas, your likes and dislikes , suggestions so that you can help me with the blog, making it more interesting for you.

The most interesting thing I did this summer was travelling to London and Dublin. I already knew London but not Dublin. It's wonderful. I really recommend you to visit Ireland. It's an amazing country with wonderful landscapes. Here you can have a look at some pictures I took during my holidays there: