domingo, 11 de febrero de 2007


Here's a new activity for you to work on.
First I want you to click on the link below and watch the following video about The Simpsons.
Then, try to complete the fragment. I also want you to stop the video, write down and translate the words you can see written on the wall.

Homer: "No ______ and no beer make Homer ___________, ___________
Marge: go __________. "
Homer: "Don't mind if I do"
Marge: "Stay _________ from me, Homer"
Homer: "Give me the _______, Marge. Give me the ________. Give me ________, come on, give me the ________".
To watch the whole episode click below:

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Anónimo dijo...

Hola teacher!
In this exercise of " The Simpsons ", the activity like that has not gone out for me very ben but the translation of the things of the walls if I believe that it(he,she) is nice, but I believe that there are things do not find that esten written in the walls, not for nothing, if not for it of the text, which I lack many things and not with which it complete, well, that at least I have liked this activity very much, here below(down) I put the translation
· Not beer ->
· Make homer ->
· Go crazy ->
· Not TV ->
· Not TV and Not beer ->

And the activity of the text I, I have made it like that put you n º of order in k the lines go to complete:
1: TV
2: I have not put anything
3: I have not put anything
5: I have not put anything
6:no have put nothing
7:no and put nothing

Good only I have put something in three lines already it(he,she) is

The this activity ', it(she) is entertaining enough and graceful

Jéssica Pinto Sojo 3ºD

Anónimo dijo...

the works is:tv, sometimes,crazy, away, beate.

Santi Corchero Falcón 4ºA

Antonio Domínguez Lagares 4º A