jueves, 18 de octubre de 2007


As our first unit of the book is about music and one of your partners (Victor 3ºB) recommended me a very interesting video, I've decided to include it here so that you can watch it too and tell me your opinion about it.

-Do you think this can be considered music?
-Do you know why it is called 'beat box'?
-Do you like it? Do you consider it interesting?
-Do you really think a person is able to do it? Is it real?
-Do you think it is difficult to do or not?

I'll wait for your answers!!!!
Thank you for your collaboration and interest, Victor.

5 comentarios:

Nacho dijo...

this music is very interesant and very insual.
I love the beat box
By Nacho Soto 2ºC
Kiss for Irene

Irene Pérez dijo...

Thank you Nacho for your comment. Remember that you can give me opinions and suggestions everytime you want about activities, music, videos you like and you want me to include in my blog.
Keep working!!!

Irene Pérez dijo...

Sorry Nacho, I forgot to tell you that the adjectives are 'interesting' and 'unusual'.

Anónimo dijo...

yesterday I don't beat box and today i love beat box. This type of music is incredible, but I never look

Ignacio García 3ºA

Benjamin dijo...

This is amazing!! what control of voice and breathing. I didn't imagine it could exist even a beat box contest. Your making an excellent work.
I love gomaespuminglish videos.